Complete Dentures:


If you have lost all your natural teeth due to injury, decay, or periodontal disease, you may be looking at different replacement options.  When natural teeth are removed, the facial muscles in the mouth may begin to sag, causing some to appear older than they are.  A complete denture may be an alternative that would work best to restore your appearance to what it once was.  Dentures replace missing teeth, support facial features, and allow patients to eat and speak more naturally. 


There are two main types of dentures that can be fabricated, conventional and immediate.  Conventional complete dentures are made after all natural teeth have been removed and your gum tissues have healed.  The healing process can take several months.  Immediate complete dentures are made to be inserted the same day as the remaining teeth are removed.  With immediate dentures you will not be without teeth during the healing time.


In preparation for either denture we will, with the patient's guidance, select the tooth color for the denture teeth, and take impressions for the dental lab.  This is typically a short and an easier appointment.



Partial Dentures:


For those who are only missing some teeth, a partial denture may be the best option for you.  Partial dentures are made to work with your extisting teeth.  They help restore your ability to chew and talk normally while eliminating the discomfort of missing teeth.