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Dental Exam

Smiling woman in dental chair looking up at dental assistantAs staunch supporters of preventive dentistry, we at Thomas Family Dentistry look forward to helping you achieve a clean bill of dental health with regular dental examinations and check-ups. Dental exams are a fundamental part of a successful preventive healthcare regime, ensuring your oral health stays in great shape by preventing small problems from becoming bigger ones.

Dental exams with us include routine checks for gum disease and cavities. It may also include diagnostic tests, such as dental x-rays (radiographs), as well as an assessment of your risk of developing other oral health issues.

During the dental exam, the dentist may also discuss your dental hygiene regime and diet, as well as other lifestyle factors that may have a bearing on your oral health, such as smoking.

Why Are Dental Exams Important?

Even if you take care of your teeth and have a rigorous oral health regime, some problems are difficult to detect, particularly if you do not have any symptoms. You may not be able to see areas of tooth decay at the back of your teeth, for example, or know that you have the first stages of gum disease, which one of our dentists will be able to spot.

Regular dental exams go further than protecting your dental health as signs of other medical problems, such as diabetes or lupus, can often occur in the mouth first. These early warning signs can have significant benefits to your overall health as the dentist can recommend you see a doctor so you can have the appropriate treatment.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Exam?

How often you should have a dental exam is determined by the dentist. Typically, for most people, every six months is recommended. However, the dentist may recommend more or fewer exams, depending on factors such as how effective your oral hygiene regime is, how quickly tartar builds up or whether you have problems such as gum disease.

What Happens During Dental Exams?

Dental exams allow the dentist to assess your overall health, evaluating your oral hygiene and your risk of tooth decay, and gum disease if you have other medical problems or take medications that may affect oral health. Diagnostic procedures, such as x-rays, may be taken and the dentist will clean your teeth to remove tartar deposits and other stains.

The dentist can check your bite and whether you need to have tooth replacement or restorations, as well as suggest cosmetic dentistry options that could improve your smile. If you have prosthetic replacements, such as dentures, the dentist will check for fit and assess your need for replacements or adjustments.

Dental exams give the dentist a chance to demonstrate proper cleaning techniques and advice about lifestyle factors that can affect your dental and overall health.

The dentist will discuss your results with you and suggest preventive measures you can use to improve and protect your health. They will also talk about any treatments required and how often you should attend for follow-up appointments and future dental exams.

Book an appointment with us at Thomas Family Dentistry for a dental exam to assess the current state of your oral health. Call us on 971-348-4244.
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Book an appointment with us today at Thomas Family Dentistry for a dental exam to assess the current state of your oral health.
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