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Dentistry for Kids

Child putting toothpaste on a toothbrushPeople often wonder at what age they should take their child to their first dental appointment. It is an easy question to answer for us at Thomas Family Dentistry. As soon as your child’s first tooth appears is the right time to schedule an appointment and initiate a daily brushing routine to put them on the right path to enduring dental health.

The earlier you get your child used to an oral healthcare regime, the better for you and them. Unfortunately, many children’s experience of visiting the dentist for the first time is when they have a problem. This may color their perception of the dentist for years to come if they have experienced pain or severe discomfort during their first appointment.

It is far better to take them to the dentist when there is little likelihood of anything more happening at the dentist’s other than a check-up. This will get them used to visiting the dentist and build a trusting relationship knowing that nothing untoward is going to happen to them.

Children are naturally inquisitive. It helps if you talk to them in simple language, and explain why they need to look after their teeth. Make sure they are aware dentists are their friends and are just making sure their teeth are all healthy. We understand our role is key in helping your child to understand the importance of caring for their teeth and are experienced in helping children overcome their anxiety in a carefree, safe, and calm environment.

Baby Teeth

Although some babies are born with baby teeth, it is usually from the age of 6 months that most babies will see signs of teeth coming through. Eventually, your baby will have 20 teeth, and it is important to maintain twice daily cleaning and regular check-ups. If baby teeth decay, your child may experience pain and discomfort, requiring interventional treatment at the dentist, and an increased risk of serious dental problems which may continue into adulthood.

Emerging Adult Teeth

If your child has developed good habits, alongside regular visits to the dentist then it is likely they have good oral health. However, sometimes specialist treatment is required - for example, braces (orthodontics) to straighten teeth. Our dentists will check on your child’s development and ensure they receive the right treatment at the right time.


Children’s consumption of sugar is presenting significant concerns about dental health - particularly as they become teenagers and consume more sugary snacks and drinks. Educating and supporting you and your child to make the right choices and decisions to benefit their oral health while providing conservative dental treatments to preserve the integrity of the teeth is a delicate balance we are all too aware of. Working together, we can help you and your child navigate this path toward a successful outcome.


Kids are prone to accidents, and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that your child may damage or lose a tooth. If this is the case, you will want the expertise of specialists like us who will know the best course of action to take to minimize the trauma to your child and embark upon the course of treatment that is most appropriate for their particular age and stage of development.

Schedule an appointment with our children’s dentistry experts at Thomas Family Dentistry. Call 971-348-4244 to find out more.
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Schedule an appointment with our children’s dentistry experts at Thomas Family Dentistry. Call today to find out more.
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