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Partial Fixed Bridges
Beaverton, OR

A woman receiving a dental exam from Thomas Family Dentistry in Beaverton, ORPartial fixed bridges and complete fixed bridges are quite popular procedures for missing teeth. There is a common belief that tooth loss exclusively affects older adults; however, this is untrue. Missing teeth may affect individuals of any age, and the consequences can be disastrous. Your teeth assist in shaping the face, which is among the causes. You wouldn't be able to eat effectively without teeth, either. Dental bridges are the answer to this serious issue, which many people are now dealing with.

At Thomas Family Dentistry, Dr. Kelly Thomas and recommend this as a good option for almost anyone who is missing their teeth.

How Do Fixed Dental Bridges Work?

Fixed dental bridges may fill up spaces between the gums and teeth. The bridges will be based on the number of teeth you are missing and how the gaps are placed. You'll need to make some arrangements to your schedule since installing complete fixed bridges will take many weeks.

Why Get Dental Bridges?

Having a lost tooth or several teeth may have various effects on you. The following changes can be addressed with a dental bridge:
•  Regaining your smile
•  Regaining the capacity to chew normally
•  Regaining proper pronunciation and speech
•  Retaining the shape of your face
•  Adjusting the bite to spread the force when you chew evenly
•  Attempting to prevent the movement of the remaining teeth from their proper position

What to Expect When Getting Fixed Dental Bridges

When it comes to acquiring a fully fixed dental bridge, there are various phases. The initial step is to have a consultation with one of our experienced dental surgeons. After evaluating your overall oral health, they will suggest how to continue. You may schedule an appointment for the operation as soon as you are informed that you require a bridge.

Based on how many teeth are missing and where the gaps are in the teeth, the dentist will decide on the materials to use for the bridge during the second part of this procedure. The amount of treatments you will need to fix the bridge into the gums makes up the third step.

You could require more than three appointments with the dentist based on how many teeth you are missing. You'll need to plan your day so that these visits fit in. You need to provide enough time for the operations and any required recuperation time.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Maintaining appropriate oral hygiene, like frequent flossing, rinsing, and brushing, and avoiding particularly hard, sticky, or harsh foods, can help the bridge last as long as possible.

Benefits of Partial Fixed Bridges

The advantages of dental bridges include the following:
•  Restoring chewing and biting function
•  Restoring appearance
•  Long-term maintenance of your tooth alignment

If you want to learn more about partial or complete fixed bridges, Thomas Family Dentistry can help. Call us at 971-348-4244 for more information.
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