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Root Canal

A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrumentRoot canal treatments are a common restorative dentistry procedure carried out by us at Thomas Family Dentistry. The treatment has a bad image among the general population, which it does not deserve. If you need a root canal there is no need to feel anxious, as there are distinct advantages and benefits of having the procedure.

What Is a Root Canal?

At the center of the tooth, under the exterior white enamel and hard dentin layers is the pulp chamber. Here is where the soft tissue containing nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue reside. During a tooth’s growth, the pulp is important. But, once the tooth is fully developed, it is less so, and the tooth can function perfectly well without it.

The soft tissue contained in the pulp chamber extends from the top of the tooth, down to its roots, where it connects with surrounding tissues. Each tooth has between 1 and 3 roots, with each root contained in between 1 and 4 root canals.

When a tooth is damaged either through trauma or by dental caries (decay), bacteria can infiltrate the ensuing cavity, eventually reaching the pulp chamber and causing infection to the soft pulp in the center of the tooth, which extends down the roots and root canals.

A root canal procedure removes the infected tissue from the tooth to eliminate the bacteria and clean the inside thoroughly. The tooth is filled and sealed to prevent reinfection, preserving the structure and function of the tooth.

What Are the Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal?

Although some people may not have any symptoms, the vast majority do. Some or all of the symptoms you may experience include pain or tenderness while chewing or biting (which may be severe) or sensitivity to hot and cold food/drinks. Gums may be swollen or tender, or there may be a boil on the gum that oozes blood and pus when gentle pressure is applied.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

For many people, a root canal procedure will alleviate the pain and discomfort they felt while the infection was raging inside their tooth. Modern dental techniques and anesthesia also ensure that patients experience very little discomfort during the procedure.

While it is true that modern dentistry offers excellent tooth replacement options, there is nothing to beat keeping your own natural teeth. A root canal may seem like an expensive choice but weighed up against replacing your natural tooth, it is reasonably cost-effective.

Saving your own tooth preserves the structure of your face and jaw. Teeth provided a structure for the face. If a tooth is extracted the face will eventually sink back into the empty space. Furthermore, losing a tooth could increase bone loss in the jaw, causing further collapse.

Nobody likes to lose a tooth, particularly if the loss is prominent when you smile. For many of us, having a great-looking smile is just as important as maintaining a healthy mouth. A root canal procedure can preserve a tooth so that it lasts for a lifetime.

To find out more about root canal treatments, or to book an appointment, get in touch with us at Thomas Family Dentistry. Call 971-348-4244.
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To find out more about root canal treatments, or to book an appointment, get in touch with us at Thomas Family Dentistry.
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